HASH Survey

In February 2023, HASH launched a month-long online survey that was shared globally. This survey, which was part of the HASH’s baseline consultations, was aimed at gaining insights into the opportunities, potential risks, and inherent limitations of Artificial Intelligence in the realm of Maternal Sexual and Reproductive Health (MSRH). The overarching objective was to realign the Hub’s vision with the ever-evolving landscape of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in MSRH.

The stakeholders from AI and MSRH domains, serving as invaluable informants, played a pivotal role in helping HASH discern and prioritize the most pressing needs and critical areas of focus. Additionally, consenting participants in the HASH online survey will participate in a more in-depth qualitative interview to explore more about the concepts.

This consultative process has resulted in the dissemination of research findings that not only illuminate the AI landscape in MSRH but also further HASH’s mission to improve the health and well-being of Sub-Saharan Africa’s population. In essence, this collaborative effort underscores the power of collective wisdom and the potential of AI to transform and elevate maternal and reproductive health across the continent.

Read more about the Survey Findings here.