We are a multidisciplinary consortium of medical professionals, computer scientists, data scientists, social scientists and public health experts, with the aspiration to merge the critical need to improve maternal, sexual and reproductive health in Sub-Saharan Africa, with the emerging opportunities that Artificial Intelligence (AI) presents. Through evidence and best practice, we aim to raise the profile of AI in the health sector and bring together enthusiasts to produce home-grown solutions for the benefit of the African context. The Hub focuses on these research priority themes: Maternal Health, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health and HIV.

Main Objective

The overall objective of this research hub is advance the effective deployment, and integration of responsible artificial intelligence to improve maternal, sexual and reproductive health in Africa.

Consortium members

Meet our Team

Dr Rosalind Parkes-Ratanshi

Head of Hub and Consortium Principal Investigator

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Assoc. Prof. Engineer Bainomugisha

Consortium Principal Investigator

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Dr Ernest Mwebaze

Consortium Principal Investigator,
Theme Lead in Sexually Transmitted Infections AI.

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Dr Daudi Jjingo

Theme Lead – HIV Platforms

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Dr Rachel King

Theme Lead – Adolescents
(Vulnerable Populations)

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Dr John Quinn

Theme Lead – HIV, Artificial Intelligence

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Dr Joyce Nakatumba-Nabende

Theme Lead – Vulnerable Populations,
Artificial Intelligence

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Prof. Annettee Nakimuli

Theme Lead – Maternal Health

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Dr Agnes Kiragga

Theme Lead – Sexually Transmitted Infections

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Dr Elizabeth Oseku

HASH Project coordinator

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Wisdom Favor Ceasar

Data Analyst

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Clare Kahuma

HASH Communications Officer

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