Inaugural Cohort of HASH Subgrantees at the Infectious Diseases Institute

Kampala, Uganda – In a stride towards advancing responsible AI solutions for Maternal, Sexual, and Reproductive Health (MSRH) challenges in Africa, we shared some exciting news with our subgrantees – their applications had been successful! With the resources available, we were able to fund the top ten applicants. We warmly invited representatives from each subgrantee to join us in Uganda for the Health Innovations Conference from December 12th to 13th 2022. Following that, we held an in-person inception meeting at the Infectious Diseases Institute from December 14th to 16th, 2022.

Additionally, one exceptional applicant who narrowly missed being funded (ranking 11th) was sponsored to attend these events. The ten HASH subgrantees are from seven different African countries, which amplifies the potential for locally-driven AI innovations to address challenges in African Maternal and Sexual Reproductive Health (MSRH). Additionally, it brings benefits like the creation of MSRH datasets and substantial capacity-building opportunities targeted at the population in Sub-Saharan Africa.